High Fly MX Park 2.0 in Scottsburg, IN will be the new location for a AMA Pro Hillclimb on May 17th! Several officials from AMA Pro Hillclimb have visited High Fly over the last several months and have decided they want to work with Mr. Woolls the promoter High Fly MX Park 2.0 in establishing a yearly stop at the facility. 

What does this mean for the area? In a statement from Mr. Woolls, “for the 2 wheel enthusiasts it means they can be excited for a professional caliber event that will have modified standard dirt bikes to specialty built Harley Davidsons and Indians.” He also had this to add for local business, “Scottsburg and Salem businesses (hotels, gas stations and restaurants) should benefit from a significant increase of traffic for this event as well.” 

Mr. Woolls wanted to express his appreciation to several local people, “ none of this is possible without the people in the area I work with, Howard Weston and his family, Scott Browning the Fire Chief for Gibson Township Fire Department and his entire force, Richard and Norma Vuckson, Clinton and Bridgette Chitwood with C&C Equipment, and Bradley Rideout.”

After talking to both Mr. Woolls and AMA Pro Hillclimb it will be exciting to see where this can go in the years to come.