September 29, 2018 – September 30, 2018 all-day America/Indiana/Indianapolis Timezone
High Fly MX Park 2.0
4898 N Rutherford Hollow Rd
IN 47170
High Fly MX Park 2.0

Rd#15 of Kentuckiana MX Championship Series

Date:  09/30/2018

Time:  09/29/18 Open Practice 12:00pm, 09/30/18 Signup 6:30am Practice 8:30am


Details for Race Weekend at High Fly MX Park 2.0

Saturday September 29th Open Practice

Gate Fee is $20.00 (5yrs and under free, Gate fee is good for both days)

Practice Fees $20.00 a rider

Practice starts 12:00pm and ends at 5:00pm  *****UPDATED******** 9/28/18

Practice order is as follows:

1.Big Bikes A&B

2.Big Bikes C&D

3.85cc to Supermini



We will change this as we see needed!

Remember its a practice!

*************All Events are AMA Sanctioned at High Fly 2.0************

*************Transponders are Required for Racing************

Transponder rental is $20 with a $100 deposits(We will hold a check or card # as well we just need to make sure we get the transponder back.)

Transponders can be purchased at the track as well.

EARLY Signup @ www.liveviewtiming.com!

Sunday September 30th Kentuckiana MX Championship Series Round #15

Gate Fee is $10.00 (5yrs old and under free)

Sign-Up at 6:30am to 8:30am (Please be prompt for sign-up and practice)

Race Fee is $25.00 for the first, $20.00 each class after

Practice starts at 8:30am

Racing starts 10:15am

Please be as early as you can for sign-up!

PRACTICE- The staging area will be used for all practices. ALL riders must have practice bands or stickers. You MUST practice with your assigned group only.

REFUNDS- No refunds once practice has begun. Refunds for mechanical failures are not the tracks responsibility.

NUMBERS- If duplicate numbers are found, one rider will have their number “slashed” at random to avoid confusion. It is your responsibility to have LEGIBLE and MATCHING numbers on ALL number plates

PIT RIDING- Pit riding is limited to 5 MPH speed limit in the Pits. Helmets must be WORN AT ALL TIMES.  ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING AFTER DARK.

RESTRICTED AREAS- No persons or unauthorized vehicles are permitted within the boundaries of the track. Jumping any of the fences could be grounds for disqualification of you or your rider(s).

RACE RESULTS- Results are posted at the registration area immediately after each race. Check your results WITHIN 20 MINUTES of your moto. DO NOT wait until you are on the starting line for your second moto.

PETS- All pets must be on a leash. No vicious or excessively barking pets permitted.

TRACK RADIO STATION- Please keep your radio tuned to FM 88.7 (or in that range), for up-to-date announcements and information throughout the weekend.

MEDICAL INSURANCE- We do not have Rider Medical Insurance. Riders are responsible for their own medical insurance.

Remember – camping is FREE at High Fly – but please, be responsible and respectful of the park!

Thanks to all for your courtesy!