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What is GP Racing?

Two motos 30mins +2 laps for adults. Balanced between moto and fast woods grass track stuff. Somewhere around 5-8 minute lap times. Classes similar to XC. Youth and peewee will run shorter races, peewee running an abbreviated course. Trying to stick to the pure GP style of racing from old school Europe days. Should be a great mix for mx and XC guys. Think Full Gas Sprint more than National Enduro.

The How and When!


Tracks will be 1-3 miles in length and will consist of various terrain including woods, motocross, man-made obstacles, grass tracks, and other off-road terrain.



All adult classes will have two 30 minutes +2 laps motos. Youth will have two 20 minutes +2 laps motos, intermediate youth and peewee will have two 15 minutes + 2 laps motos.
The race will end when the leader of the moto is scored no sooner than 30 minutes into the moto. The end of the race is signified by the checkered flag.

The Who and Why!

Colton Wilkes and Adam Froman have not only worked hard to get chosen for the ISDE but now even have to work harder to put together   the roughly $30,000.00 to get to Chile. High Fly MX Park 2.0 will be donating a portion of the gate fee and entry fee to Colton and Adam to get them there.

Colton Wilkes

Colton Wilkes

ISDE Member

My name is Colton Wilkes, age 21. I live in the small town of Cloverdale, IN.

Small town but full of amazing people who have helped me get to this point in my racing career. Whether it’s taking me to races, giving me places to ride and train, or even donating to the effort of getting me to Chile! I race A/AA on my Spykes KTM 500excf at the fullgas sprint enduros and local hare-scrambles.

Job wise I am also a full time Ironworker for the local 22 union. This will be my first ISDE attendance and I am Super excited to get to know the team and show what I’m made of! Would like to give a thank you to everyone who has helped get me here, local 22 for being so lenient at work when races come about, and of course my family.

Adam Froman

Adam Froman

ISDE Member

I have been selected to represent The US ISDE Team at the International Six Days Enduro this year in Vina Del Mar, Chile. For those that don’t know, ISDE (or Six-Days) is the Olympics of off-road racing, to qualify, we had to go through 6 days worth of qualifying races against some of the best riders in the country. Just like in the Olympics, as athletes, we are responsible for paying our own way, and the cost for an event such as this is about $30,000 when all said and done. I am very humbly asking for your donations to help ease the financial side of this great honor. Any and all help is appreciated and accepted, it truly takes a village, and I cannot begin to thank everyone involved and who has had a hand in getting us to this point. Along with cash donations on here, I am also accepting any sponsorship opportunities from local business owners who feel the desire to get involved. Thank you thank you thank you! AMA ISDE Qualifier series and event info

Before I had the dream of playing sports in college, or playing in the NFL, my only goal in life was to make it to ISDE as part of team USA. I watched my Dad make it back in 1994, and since then it had always been a dream of mine. When football took over I pretty much thought I would never get the opportunity to make this dream a reality; but thanks to my wife and her unbelievable support, as well as a number of other people, I was able to start training in January of 2017 for this qualifying attempt. And while there has been some serious hurdles along the way, here we are today preparing to head south. I can not emphasize enough that there is no way I could have made this happen alone, so many people have been instrumental along the way, and anyone who has the means and the desire to donate to this cause I am forever grateful. Thank you so much and GO US ISDE TEAM!!!!