The How, When and Where!


Tracks will be 1-3 miles in length and will consist of various terrain including woods, motocross, man-made obstacles, grass tracks, and other off-road terrain.



All adult classes will have two 25 minutes +1 laps motos. Youth will have two 20 minutes +1 laps motos, intermediate youth and peewee will have two 15 minutes + 1 laps motos.
The race will end when the leader of the moto is scored no sooner than 25 minutes into the moto. The end of the race is signified by the checkered flag.

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What is GP Racing?

Two motos 30mins +2 laps for adults. Balanced between moto and fast woods grass track stuff. Somewhere around 5-8 minute lap times. Classes similar to XC. Youth and peewee will run shorter races, peewee running an abbreviated course. Trying to stick to the pure GP style of racing from old school Europe days. Should be a great mix for mx and XC guys. Think Full Gas Sprint more than National Enduro.