Want to start Hill Climbing, here’s what you’ll need.



AMA card $49


District 17 Card $25.00 AND $5.00 PER CLASS




Will need a Kill switch.(Tethered Kill Switch)

Front brake must be working.

Throttle should snap back to idle when released.

Brake levers must have a circle end on them.

Numbers on front and side of the bike.

Shut off valve on the fuel tank.


Riding Gear


Long sleeve shirt/jersey

Long pants


Eye protection


If you don’t have a extended motorcycle the stock wheelbase class is a good place to start.


Tech Inspection

There should be a tech inspection before the race. They should check the items listed under Motorcycle above and ask you what class you are racing in. They may give you a ticket for signup.



You will need your AMA card and District 17 card (you can get these the day of the race), know what class you are racing in, answer a few questions, sign a release and pay.


Bring your motorcycle to the pit area.


Riders Meeting

There will be a riders meeting before the race, usually at the signup building. They will talk about important information on how the race will be run and safety information.



Wait for your class

When your class is called, take your motorcycle to the bottom of the hill and get ready to be lined up.



When it’s your turn move your motorcycle to the starting area and prep the line you will be taking. Make sure your gas is on and your tether is attached to you. The starter will let you know when the hill is ready for your run. The race doesn’t start until the light at the bottom of the hill is broken.


Make your run and return your motorcycle to the pit area. You will get one more run.


Have fun.



Youth Classes

  1. PW50 – 4 to 8 years old, PW50 50cc.
  2. 50cc – 4 to 8 years old, 0cc to 50cc. (District 17 points)
  3. 65cc – 6 to 11 years old, 0cc to 65cc 2 stroke, 0cc to 90cc 4 stroke. (District 17 points)
  4. 85cc JR – Riders 7-11 years old, 52-85cc 2-stroke and 52-125cc 4-stroke, maximum 16” rear and 19” front wheels (District 17 points)
  5. 85cc SR – Riders 12-15 years old, 66-85cc 2-stroke and 75-125cc 4-stroke, maximum 16” rear and 19” front wheels (District 17 points)
  6. 125 JR – Riders 11 – 15 years old, 86 to 125cc (District 17 points)
  7. Woman’s JR – Female Riders 4 to 15 years old, 0-85cc 2-stroke or 0-125cc 4- stroke, maximum 16” rear and 19” front wheels.


Amateur Classes

  1. Woman’s SR – Female riders 12 or older. 86cc to open. Must be 14 to ride 251cc and over. (District 17 points)
  2. 125 – 86cc to 125cc (District 17 points)
  3. 200 – 126cc to 200cc 2 stroke, 126cc to 250cc 4 stroke (District 17 points)
  4. 250 – 201cc to 250cc (District 17 points)
  5. 450 -251cc to 450cc (District 17 points)
  6. 600 – 451cc to 600cc (District 17 points)
  7. 750 – 601cc to 750cc (District 17 points)
  8. Open – 751cc to Open (District 17 points)
  9. Senior 40+ – Riders 40 or older (District 17 points)
  10. Super Senior 50+ – Riders 50 and older (District 17 points)
  11. 2 Stroke – 86cc to 600cc
  12. 4 Stroke – 86cc to 600cc
  13. 400 Stock – 86cc to 400cc Stock wheelbase (District 17 points)
  14. Open Stock – 401cc to Open Stock wheelbase. (District 17 points)
  15. Vintage – 86cc to Open, motor and frame over 30 years old.

Any ties for points for year end awards shall be broken by the rider’s finishes at the State Championship Event. If neither rider competes at the State Championship Event the tie will be broken by the number of wins, seconds, etc. of the respective riders until the tie is broken.

Top 10 numbers may be used in the class earned.  One number plate affixed to front of the machine.  Ties are to be broken by one run ride off.

HC director will publish District 17 Championship qualifying requirements prior to the start of the season. Points paid on AMA 30 point schedule.

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